Dolor y Gloria trailer: Pedro Almodovar’s subsequent brings Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz together

Antonio Banderas in Dolor Y Gloria
Antonio Banderas in Dolor Y Gloria Dolor y Gloria trailer: This film outlines Almodovar’s lapse to a director’s chair after 2016’s Julieta.

The trailer for Pedro Almodovar’s subsequent Dolor y Gloria is out, and it presents a deeply touching story of a filmmaker who reflects on a several relations in his life by a array of reunions. The film stars Almodovar’s visit collaborators Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz.

The trailer is accompanied by a heart-wrenching saddening square of music. There are no dialogues in this one and a half notation trailer. Throughout a clip, we see tighten adult shots of character’s faces, and in loyal Almodovar fashion, they pierce by a camera and make a low impact on a viewer.

Watch a trailer of Dolor y Gloria here:

The outline of a trailer on YouTube reads, “Dolor y Gloria narrates a array of reunions of Salvador Mallo, a film executive in his decline. Some of them physical, others remembered: his childhood in a 60s, when he emigrated with his relatives to Paterna, a city in Valencia in hunt of prosperity, a initial wish, his initial adult adore and in Madrid of a 80s, a pain of a detonation of this adore when it was still alive and pulsating, essay as a usually therapy to forget a unforgettable, a early find of cinema and emptiness, a infinite void before a stupidity of stability to roll. ‘Pain and Glory’ speaks of creation, of a problem of separating it from one’s life and a passions that give it definition and hope. In a liberation of his past, Salvador finds a obligatory need to recount it, and in that need, he also finds his salvation.”

Dolor y Gloria will initial recover in Spanish cinemas on Mar 22. It is pronounced that a film will afterwards conduct to a Cannes film festival where a executive has been a unchanging given his early days.