Boxer Ram Singh clear in drug case

For scarcely 7 years, former fighter Ram Singh lived with a contaminate of being allegedly concerned in a multi-crore drug racket. On Wednesday, a 37-year-old heavyweight fighter was clear by a special CBI justice in Mohali.

Ram Singh was a 16th chairman to be arrested by Punjab Police in a drug box after a detain of NRI Anoop Singh Kahlon and Arjuna awardee wrestler Jagdish Singh Bhola in Mar 2013. A month later, Ram Singh got bail. Beijing Olympics bronze-medal-winning fighter Vijender Singh got a purify letter in a box after being questioned by a police. But for Ram Singh, a mishap had only begun.

On Wednesday, an romantic Ram Singh headed to Patiala along with his mom Mandeep Kaur and nine-year-old daughter Harwin Kaur. His trainees during a Public College in Samana, where he has been coaching while on bail, were a some of a initial to call and honour him.

“Whatever was created in my destiny had to happen. But we am happy that a onslaught has ended. we am feeling relieved. This is a start of a new life for me. My trainees and friends had faith in me and everybody knew that we was innocent,” Ram Singh said.

Singh, who was a china medallist in a youth nationals of 2002, was a unchanging in a Indian stay where he was a ring partner for Vijender Singh for scarcely a decade. Ram Singh done a name for himself by winning medals in Czech Republic and Kazakhtan in 2009. However, his hopes of winning some-more medals came crashing down when he was arrested in Mar 2013 and spend 23 days in jail.

During this period, he finished adult carrying health issues. A thyroid emanate saw him put on 20 kilograms and he sloping a beam during 126 kg. While he attempted to conflict his weight benefit he was also perplexing to make both ends meet. “The initial thing we did was to sell my Ford Ikon automobile as we did not have any income to support my family. we worked as a spare-parts salesman. we trafficked to Delhi to buy gangling tools for tractors and cars and would sell them in opposite markets in Patiala. After 3 months, we got to know about an opening for a manager in Samana,” Ram Singh said.

His life took a spin for a improved when he started coaching budding boxers. “To get behind to fighting and manager youngsters was a good feeling.” Over a final 6 years, he has lerned 300 boxers, including 2015 inhabitant champion Rajwinder Kaur, detached from final year’s inhabitant china medallist Himashu Sharma. What harm him during this formidable duration was that a boxers he lerned with during a inhabitant camp, incited their backs on him. He didn’t even get a pleasantness call.

“That done me realize that duniya matlab di, zamana paise da. (People are greedy and a universe runs after money),” he said. Even while coaching, Ram Singh had to make unchanging justice visits yet a fun of saying his wards swell gave him a suggestion to infantryman on.

“Twenty 4 of my trainees have got a supervision job. Last year my trainee Himasnhu Sharma won a china in nationals. His mom works as a residence help. Whatever we warranted or borrowed from my friends was spent on my daughter’s propagandize price and training of kids like Himanshu. Perhaps, it was their good wishes that helped me. Now we am carefree of removing my pursuit behind (with a Punjab police). Seeing these kids win medals was my biggest satisfaction during these 6 years and even yet we could not win some-more medals in my career, their medals are my medals,” he added.