Vacation Ideas & The Best Places To Travel In 2019 For All Zodiac Signs In Astrology

Where should you go in 2019?

There are so many places to explore in the world, spanning beyond your neighborhood, your city, region, country, and continent, across oceans and cultural boundaries.

So many, in fact, that with so many options it can be hard to come up with new vacation ideas!

North, Central, and South America had some of the world’s best places to travel in 2018. The majority of locations, however, extended beyond the Western hemisphere. 

A new year provides endless opportunities to get out of the house and go somewhere new. Not just a restaurant that just opened downtown: carpe diem, or in more colloquial, Internet terms, YOLO! It’s not enough to watch someone else soak rays and see amazing things for a few minutes on your screen.

But how can you decide where to travel next? Well, astrology might have the answer. Just as the zodiac signs have different personalities, they have different ideas of what’s fun.

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