Trump’s fight against federal workers and the health of labor unions

Dave Jamieson:

 Just to add another wrinkle to this, the president actually said on Friday that he’s going to take a close look at the pay raise issue over the holiday weekend. So there is a chance that he comes back after Labor Day and says, you know what, I have changed my mind, maybe I do want to see some kind of raise.

But, really, I think the ball is what is with the House of Representatives, where you have got a lot of Republicans who normally would want to see a smaller governor, they want to see lower pay for federal workers. And they’re going to have to decide, OK, is it worth really bucking the president on this and doing some sort of raise that he doesn’t want to see?

But there’s a lot of political — a lot of political movements here where you have got vulnerable Republicans, especially in places like Virginia, Barbara Comstock, vulnerable in a race right now, where she’s got a lot of federal workers in her district. So this puts her in an uncomfortable spot where — where, basically, her president is saying no pay raises.

And so there’s going to be quite a bit of pushback on this.