Trump Claims to Protect Pre-Existing Health Conditions. That’s Not What the Government Says.

what was said

“Jacky Rosen voted against the V.A. Accountability Act. How do you do that?”

Mr. Trump, at the same rally

the facts

The Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act made it easier to for the department to quickly remove bad employees and improved protections for informants in the bureaucracy.

Representative Jacky Rosen, Democrat of Nevada, who is running for the Senate this year, voted for the bill. It was approved with bipartisan support in Congress, and Mr. Trump signed it into law in June 2017.

Mr. Trump is probably referring to Ms. Rosen’s earlier vote against a different bill, the Veterans Affairs Accountability First Act.

While it was similar to the legislation that eventually became law, the Accountability First act included a shorter appeals process. It was opposed by labor groups and never made it to a vote in the Senate.

Other claims

Mr. Trump also made several other claims at the rally that The New York Times has previously fact-checked.

  • He took credit for passing the veterans’ choice act, which he said other presidents had been attempting to do for “46 years.” (It passed in 2014, though he did sign an overhaul.)

  • He claimed to have “cut regulations more than any administration in the history of our country, and I did it in less than two years.” (His evidence is dubious.)

  • He misleadingly claimed to have “started the wall a year ago.” (Construction on a border wall has not begun, though there have been new fencing projects.)

  • He falsely said The Times apologized for its election coverage in 2016. (In a letter after the election, The Times thanked its readers but did not apologize.)

  • He wrongly described tax cuts that were signed into law in December as the “biggest” in American history. (Several rank higher.)

  • He falsely claimed that “this country, for 50 years, would not let you use” experimental drugs until he signed a new law. (A program has been in place since the 1970s.)

  • He falsely claimed the United States has the “cleanest” air and water in the world. (The United States ranked 10th for air and 29th for water out of 180 countries.)

  • He falsely accused Democrats of wanting to “destroy Medicare with so-called Medicare for all.” (“Medicare for all” proposals call for new taxes to pay for expanded coverage and more generous benefits.)

Source: Justice Department documents, The New York Times, Census Bureau,, American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO