Tom Jones Supports Donald J. Trump for President


As Republican governors and members of Congress refuse to endorse the Donald J. Trump, Tom Jones, an Independent American Party United States Senate candidate in Nevada, has said that he fully supports Trump.

A USA Today survey indicated that 88 out of 331 GOP senators, representatives, and governors, will not support the Republican candidate for President. In Nevada, the GOP candidate for the United States Senate, Joe Heck, and the Republican candidate for Congress in District 4, Crescent Hardy, have refused to endorse Trump.

The Republican voters in Nevada are especially upset because they feel that they have been betrayed. In 2014, 78 percent of  Nevada voters decided against the Margins Tax.  In the 2015 legislative session, the Republican-controlled legislature renamed the tax. They called it the Commerce Tax, made a few changes, and passed the law. In was a big part of the largest tax increase in Nevada history.

Jones stated that “He fully supports Donald Trump. Trump’s election as president will change the domination of the rich establishment is the Republican party. His election may also have an impact on the Democratic party. People may realize that they really didn’t have a choice. The establishment in each party has been able to elect their candidate supporting them with money and publicity.” He also stated that he agrees with Trump on the issues and that he will support him if he is elected to the Senate.

Since Heck’s announcement, Jones has been overwhelmed with phone calls from Republicans who are upset with Heck. The many Republican voters have decided to support Jones instead of Heck. They are asking for yard signs to replace the Heck signs, they are calling Republican voters, they are posting on social media, and they are donating money to help Jones get his message out.

With his message of being Pro-God, Pro-Country, Pro-Family, and Pro-Constitution, Jones is growing popularity among all the Nevada voters. He is also against tax increases, against illegal immigration, and against “Big Brother” government.

The two major party candidates have spent millions of dollars in advertising in this race. With Heck stating that he cannot support the Republican Presidential candidate, it will be interesting to see what effect Jones, stating that he is supporting Trump, has on this election.

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