‘The Martian’ author Andy Weir answers your questions about Mars

@fieldguideTom asks, imagine if you just started writing The Martian today. Would recent discoveries about Mars, like scientists finding a 12 mile wide reservoir under an icecap, change how you might frame or approach the story?

Yes, absolutely. There have already been a bunch of things discovered about Mars since writing The Martian that would’ve changed things. For starters, just ignoring the 12 mile lake under the ice cap, martian soil is absolutely littered with ice crystals. That was not known at the time I wrote The Martian. So all this stuff that Mark Watney had to do, all this chemistry and blowing himself up to create water for his crops, all he needed to do was heat up dirt.

@dvoken69 asks, the real question is does the SCC have jurisdiction on Mars? #occupymars.

No, it does not. The United States does not have jurisdiction on Mars. In fact, nobody has jurisdiction on Mars. Mars is legally international waters, thanks to the Outer Space Treaty.

@sophiebushwick asks who’s your favorite real astronaut? How about your favorite fictional space explorer?

My favorite real astronaut is the late John W. Young. He was the commander of Apollo 16, and he walked on the moon. One of my favorite stories about him is, they have the astronauts bio monitors hooked up to them. They can check their heart rate and everything. They have records of what the astronauts heart rates are at the moment of launch, and they always jump up to 150 beats per minute. John W. Young’s heart beat didn’t go above 70. He’s just like yep, on a rocket, going to the moon.

And then as for my favorite fictional space explorer. Well, definitely somebody from Star Trek. But I don’t wanna be too simple and say Kirk. I mean out of all the Star Trek characters, who could fairly be called explorers.

Oh wait, no! My favorite space explorer is The Doctor from Doctor Who of course.

@wearewakinup asks, this is the latest Mars Rover. Can you answer me a few questions? Why does it look like a car? Why didn’t they go in the normal type of rover? In my opinion it’s so easy, they can fake videos easier when pretending they’re on Mars with people, #marshoax, #NASAlies. Look into it, #flatearth.

It comes with a picture of a prototype of a Mars Rover. Just for the record, NASA has never claimed to have landed humans on Mars. So.