The Latest, club: Governor says feds denied emergency funds

Loretta Lynch at hearing

That’s a question only the Obama administration can answer.

A temporary fence that was erected around the Pulse nightclub in Orlando after a massacre there has been removed. Orlando gunman Omar Mateen identified himself as an Isl.

(Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel via AP).

Attorney General Loretta Lynch is visiting Orlando to meet with prosecutors, first responders and victims of the worst mass shooting in modern US history.

Lynch told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that the top goal while intensifying pressure on the Islamic State – the extremist group thought to have inspired Mateen – is to build a complete profile of him in order to help prevent another massacre like Orlando.

According to the transcript, Mateen said, “I let you know I’m in Orlando and I did the shootings”, in his first 911 call.

The first call came more than a half-hour after shots rang out, when Mateen told a 911 operator, “Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God”, he told the dispatcher, referring to God in Arabic.

The Times also reached out to the Fort Pierce Police Department asking for all cases in which Mateen, his relatives and others were named as a suspect, victim or witness.

“We still do believe that this was an act of terror and an act of hate”, she added.

Speaking to reporters later, she called the rampage a “shattering attack – on our nation, on our people and on our most fundamental ideals”.

Lynch stands during the announcement of law enforcement action against the state of North Carolina in Washington, U.S., May 9, 2016.

“I think there’s a real benefit to having her here to see everything firsthand”, Bentley said as the two stood with their arms around each other.

“The Department of Justice is making $1 million in emergency funding available to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement”, Lynch said.

Out of respect to the Orlando, Florida, shooting victims and their loved ones, the Orange County Medical Examiner’s office reportedly kept the body of killer Omar Mateen separated from the bodies of his victims.

In a transcript of his calls released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday, Mateen told police negotiators to tell the USA government to stop bombing Syria and Iraq, and he threatened to strap bomb vests on hostages, though no explosives were found at the scene.

However, there is no evidence Mateen, who was born in the U.S. to Afghan immigrants, was directed by a foreign armed group, Hopper said. Mateen instead appears to have radicalized on his own through jihadist propaganda on the Internet, part of a population of Americans that law enforcement officials have repeatedly expressed concern about.

The former friend said he didn’t think Mateen fit the profile of a radical, but that some of Mateen’s comments were concerning enough that he contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation about Mateen.

“We never took a picture together, but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to”, he said to Univision, according to BuzzFeed.

The shooting has fostered discussion about USA government efforts to identify and thwart individuals bent on violence – Mateen had been interviewed by the FBI three times since 2013 as part of two separate investigations and placed on a terror watch list – but also about whether stiffer gun control laws are needed.

Outrage over the redactions led the Department of Justice to relent on Monday and release the full, unedited transcripts and send Lynch on a public relations visit. Investigators have done hundreds of interviews, including with family members, and are working in particular to determine how much knowledge his wife had of the plot.

But Monday, Orlando police Chief John Mina reiterated earlier statements he had made that circumstances changed when officers ran to the gunshots and fired on Mateen, driving him into a club bathroom with hostages. “Those killings are on the suspect, on the suspect alone in my mind”, he said.