The 8 best science images, videos, and visualizations of the year

By Vivian Trakinski, Executive Producer; Laura Moustakerski, Writer/Producer; Shay Krasinski, Animator; Jason Morfoot, Sound Design; Jeremy Jackson and Ana Porzecanski, Scientific Advisors

The world’s seas are so deep and vast that they can seem like a world of their own, but few of even their most remote waters have remained untouched by our human civilizations. This video, created by the American Museum of Natural History in honor of Earth Day, is a sobering look at how the ocean has changed since the holiday was first celebrated in 1970.

“We’ve tended to treat it like a dumping ground, and because people don’t live in the ocean they don’t necessarily see what we’re doing to it,” says Laura Moustakerski, a writer and producer at the museum who worked on the video.

Over the past few decades, the ocean has absorbed most of the excess heat from our greenhouse gas emissions, along with 150 million tons of plastic. Sea levels have begun to rise, while corals disappear and overfishing threatens our supply of seafood. But there’s still hope. “There are definitely things we can do to help the oceans,” Moustakerski says. The video highlights a few of these success stories and suggests how each of us can contribute to a better future.

Pascal’s Blaising Barrel

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