Sweet Unknown Studios is Back with a New Faith Based Action Thriller Film ‘Atone’

From the release of their recent thriller film ‘River Runs Red” starring Taye Diggs and George Lopez, Sweet Unknown Studios is back with another film, starring Columbus Short, Robert Rusler and Jaqueline Fleming in the action-packed thriller “Atone” directed by Wes Miller.

Atone follows a former special ops agent played by Jaqueline Fleming who is forced to use her special-ops training in taking down a team of lethal hijackers in order to save her daughter who is trapped inside one of the largest churches in America.

Sweet Unknown Studios, Producer Leonard Ohaebosim said this about the cast.

“We are thrilled to be working with such a wonderful cast, directed by the talented Wes Miller,  Jaqueline’s performance is powerful layered and action packed. The camera loves her and she shines as Laura Bishop. We can’t wait for the world to meet her.” “A sequel to Atone is scheduled for 2020.”

Jaqueline Fleming who plays the “pissed off parent” and special-ops agent Laura Bishop, says that the film is two fold in its message.

“It asks the question is it ever too late to atone for the things you’ve done wrong that have caused irreversible damage.”  “It also deals with forgiveness which often isn’t easy. Forgiving others and yourself.”

Fleming, also shares her training and preparation for the role.

The training was wonderful! I worked with the same stunt team that’s works on the Marvel films. Greg Rementer was the stunt Coordinator and he and his team put me in training for a month [with] mixed martial arts, boxing I had weapons training too.” I also had a phenomenal stunt double,  Carley Sims for some of the really dangerous action sequences you see. “I would jump off with the ropes stabilizing me and then Carley would do the same jump and then the flips and the drops on the ground.” “ It was pretty intense and physical I loved every minute of it!”

Atone, is slated for a home entertainment roll-out for digital, Blu-ray, DVD and Video on Demand release on February 26, 2019.

You can check out the action-packed trailer here.