Sergei Skripal was a "shameless Russian nationalist," – Mark urban …

Former spy Sergei Skripal at first did not want to believe that the Russian government tried to kill him and despite that he worked for MI6, was “shameless Russian nationalist”.

The violinist tried to come to terms with the fact that they tried to poison him, says in his book BBC journalist mark urban.

The violinist and his daughter was poisoned in March. When the Fiddler came to five weeks after the attempt on his life, he could not accept the fact that the Kremlin tried to kill him.

While around the continued information war between London and Moscow, the Violinist recovered, and sometimes even sat in the garden hospital Salisbury. Despite unfavorable forecasts, the doctors saved the lives of him and his daughter, Julia, with the help of “new therapies”.

Book Urbana “Files of the Violinist” (The Skripal Files), was published this week. In her urban describes a series of meetings with the Violinist in the summer of 2017, when the Russian spy led a quiet life at his home in Salisbury.

According to urban, the Violinist said he does not want to be quoted, explaining that they are all afraid of Putin. He did not believe that he is personally threatened, but wanted to avoid public statements, to Julia and his son, Alexander, could freely come to him from Moscow.

Urban found that the Fiddler for most of the day spent watching the Russian Pro-Kremlin First channel. Even living in a bought house MI6, he is on many issues has endorsed the Kremlin’s policy”, – the journalist writes.

The violinist, a former paratrooper, he supported the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and disparagingly called Ukrainians “a simple sheep who need the good shepherd”. The violinist refused to believe that Russian troops secretly invaded Eastern Ukraine, saying that if they did, it quickly came to Kiev.

The book does not answer the key question, namely: why is the GAME trying to kill the Violinist shortly before the presidential elections in Russia.

Where’s the Violinist, not known. Julia the Violinist said that it intends to return someday in Russia, but still did not.

The English translation of Oksana Vergeles, IA ZIK