Science and Technology course

UNION — For the first time in two years USC-Union will be offering its 452 History of Science course taught by Dr. Allan Charles on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30 p.m. in room Central 208.

Any South Carolina resident over the age of 60 does not have to pay tuition to take this or any other course at USCU or any other state institution of higher education.

The history of science is really more of a “science appreciation” course, and the students do not really “do” science. Nevertheless, the course is very useful to help people come to an understanding of science and scientific literature in today’s world – a world that has become increasingly difficult to understand without some technical background. This course is a fairly painless way to acquire that technical background.

Registration begins immediately, and in any case should be completed in time for the first class, which begins Tuesday, January 15.

Special to The Union Times