Santa delivers lower gas prices for holiday travel – KFYR

A record 112.5 million Americans are expected to travel this holiday season, the majority by car.​

The record could be sparked by the dip in gas prices. AAA says the national gas average is $2.32, while in north Dakota, some stations are dropping below $2.

Bismarck residents say the lines at the pumps haven’t been too long in recent days but describe why the waited until Christmas to buy gas.

“I think maybe people will travel more to see family because they can afford to go and many they’ll buy extra gifts cause they saved money at the pump,” said Paige Mattson, Bismarck resident.

“It’s a good thing it happened at this time at might a lot more, people could probably go out of town and see family versus having to spend over three dollars on a tank of gas they can actually get to where they’re going and not have to worry,” said Nicole Schoedel, assistant manager at Cenex.

The lower prices could continue for some time with record oil production, but that production is expected to slow in the coming winter months.