Sanders to Clinton: ‘Stand up, be bolder’ to win over supporters

Bernie Sanders during his visit in Buffalo

Sanders staying in the campaign mirrors the 1864 election, a time when the country was divided over the Civil War and the Democrat party was split between the War Democrats and the Peace Democrats.

According to an Associated Press report, the initial meeting ended with a compromise to include reference to Palestinian rights, but without any use of the terms “settlement activity” or “occupation”.

Senator Bernie Sanders addresses supporters at his “Where do we go from here tour in Albany, NY”. “We intend to do everything we can to rally support for our amendments in Orlando and if we fail there to take the fight to the floor of the convention in Philadelphia”.

The Democratic National Committee, in a news release, says the platform draft strengthens the language on trade.

“Make no mistake about it: The 2016 Democratic platform represents an ambitious, progressive agenda that all Democrats can and should be proud of”, Harris said in a statement.

A draft of the Democratic Party’s platform heading into the party’s July convention in Philadelphia includes numerous items Sen.

But Sanders did not concede to or praise Clinton, something many Democrats would like to see before the Democratic National Convention next month to fully unify the party heading into the heat of the fall campaign.

The draft language adopted over the weekend by 15 members of the Democratic Platform Committee marked a decided liberal drift on issues that were central to Sanders’s campaign, ranging from banking reform and minimum wage to climate change. But a lot of that responsibility, about winning the American people over to her side, is going to rest with Secretary Clinton.

Sanders delegates that Terrell spoke to were circumspect about their potential to support Clinton.

Although he said he would vote for Hillary Clinton, that hasn’t stopped Bernard Sanders from trying to push the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee further to the left.

Democrats – seeking to unify after a bruising primary – are poised for a fight over the party’s stance on Israel this summer.

Sanders obviously enjoys the limelight and wants to be on Clinton’s good side, hence the promise to vote for her, however as long as he is a candidate he can not “support” her. Clinton’s low favorability ratings mean that Sanders voters will vote Trump over Clinton without Sanders’ endorsement. It also voted down a proposal to keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership from coming up for a vote in this Congress (though that’s somewhat understandable since such a vote would have bucked President Obama), as well as nixing a carbon tax and a fracking ban. The Clinton campaign touted a different provision that did make it into the platform’s trade language, which calls for prioritizing workers’ rights, labor rights, and the environment.

It is clear that the Clinton campaign is giving some leeway to the Sanders team, allowing them to have influence in the party’s platform. But because Sanders didn’t get absolutely every last thing he wanted (it’s nearly as if somebody else won the party’s primaries!), he now cites the platform as another reason he can’t yet give Clinton his endorsement.

But four of Sanders’s five representatives on the committee have endorsed the outcome, as Weigel notes.