Roxy Jacenko’s unfortunate defence to judge

Oliver Curtis, graphic with his mom Roxy Jacenko, was found guilty dual weeks ago of a assign of swindling to dedicate insider trade following a high-profile trial. Picture: AAP Image/Joel Carrett

ROXY Jacenko, a Sydney PR executive and mom of Oliver Curtis, has begged a decider in her husband’s insider trade hearing not to send him to jail.

Earlier this month, Mr Curtis was found guilty of an insider merchant intrigue value $1.43 million. He faces a limit chastisement of 5 years seizure and a $220,000 fine.

Ms Jacenko accompanied her father to justice bland during his hearing and finished headlines for her glamorous engineer clothing, that she documented on her renouned Instagram account.

Now a owner of Sweaty Betty PR has submitted a three-page impression anxiety for her father to Justice Lucy McCallum, who will judgment Mr Curtis on Friday.

Ms Jacenko says Mr Curtis is a primary carer of their dual immature children, Pixie, 4, and Hunter, 2, given using her business is a “24 hours, 7 days a week job”.

Oliver Curtis and mom Roxy Jacenko arrive during a Supreme Court in Sydney to wait for a jury's outcome in his trial. Picture: John Grainger

Oliver Curtis and mom Roxy Jacenko arrive during a Supreme Court in Sydney to wait for a jury’s outcome in his trial. Picture: John GraingerSource:News Corp Australia

“While we have a group of staff to support me, we am a face of a business and my clients direct a personal touch,” she wrote. “As a result, we work prolonged hours and safeguard I’m contactable by clients during all times.”

Ms Jacenko says Mr Curtis organises all of their children’s meals, gets them prepared for propagandize and puts them to bed during night.

“He is generally a one who is home to safeguard that they have dinner, are bathed and put to bed, as we am mostly incompetent to be relied on to be home during a unchanging time to do these things due to a inlet of my work.

“Additionally, it is mostly a box that Pixie and Hunter are looked after by Oli alone on weekends as my pursuit involves weekend work for several customer events and clients who need that we am on site during their appearances or events.”

If Mr Curtis was sent to jail, Ms Jacenko pronounced her children would remove a tighten attribute they have with their father.

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“Pixie and Hunter venerate their dad. He’s fun, tolerant, uncomplaining and loving,” she wrote.

“They cackle with fad as shortly as they see him and afterwards no one else matters to them — not even me. Hunter in sold is a daddy’s boy. He generally won’t eat breakfast unless his father sits with him of a morning. Hunter and Oli like to do standard childhood things together like building Lego and have a smashing bond.

“Pixie is also really tighten to her dad. Oli now fell in adore with her from birth. He didn’t take his eyes off her for a initial few hours, and they’ve defended that bond as she’s grown.

“When Oli is away, Pixie and Hunter both skip him badly and can onslaught with eating and sleeping while they’re unsettled.”

Roxy Jacenko with her father Oliver Curtis and their two-year-old son Hunter.

Roxy Jacenko with her father Oliver Curtis and their two-year-old son Hunter.Source:Supplied

The family now occupy a nanny, who does not live with them, though she will be taken from August. Ms Jacenko’s mom Doreen lives in a same Bondi unit building as her daughter’s family, and mostly posts photos of her grandchildren on Instagram.

“My mom Doreen lives in a unit upstairs and provides a family with support and occasional childcare, when we need it. Live in childcare has not been possible, in partial due to a home being a three-bedroom apartment, and in partial given of remoteness concerns,” Ms Jacenko wrote.

She says a media courtesy from her husband’s hearing has had a disastrous impact on her business.

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“I know we have mislaid some impending clients and will continue to do so,” she wrote. “I have also been a aim of media and open conjecture as to a source of my possess wealth, ignoring a fact that we have built adult my business from blemish from a time good before we met Oli.

“Oli and we do not have any corner financial interests. We do not have any corner bank accounts.

“I am means to yield financial support to my family entirely. The business that we run and my personal income are sufficient to safeguard a remuneration of propagandize fees, other losses (such as a nanny’s salary), lease on a unit and vital losses such as groceries.

“My work life, and as a outcome my ability to yield for a family, would be exceedingly impacted should we be incompetent to say a hours we now work.”

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The family’s remoteness has been invaded given a guilty verdict, Ms Jacenko says, adding that photographers are mostly camped outward their Bondi home.

“We have had to take [Pixie and Hunter] to propagandize in swap cars any morning in an try to forestall photographers coming a cars as we leave.

“We have had to keep a blinds in a unit henceforth down as photographers are means to see true into a vital room.

“Photographers chased Oli by a automobile park only to get cinema of him. Everyday there is a story about a box in a media. we have seen a impact this had had on Oli and it is wearing him down terribly, quite given he worries about a outcome that this has on us, his family.”

In a apart acquiescence to Justice McCallum, Ms Jacenko’s mom Doreen pronounced Mr Curtis has “suffered greatly” during a trial.

“Oliver is so clinging to his children he is disturbed for them as they are so immature and so trustworthy to him. He has punished himself and will never be in a conditions again. He has feelings of good unhappiness for what this has finished to his family and his wife,” she wrote.

Curtis will be condemned in a NSW Supreme Court on Friday.