Putin denies suggestions Russian Federation would welcome Brexit

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“A country needs to take in only the amount of foreigners that it is able to adapt to local conditions of the labor market and adapt to the local language and cultural traditions”, Putin said at a meeting with heads of worldwide news agencies.

Replying to investors’ questions, Putin said Russian Federation did not intend to soften its counter-sanctions, banning most European food imports, before the EU’s sanctions were lifted.

In his answer, Putin said: ‘Why do you always change the meaning of what I said? We need to regain the trust in the Russian-European relations and to restore the level of interaction, ” Putin said, recalling that Russia was not the initiator of the collapse of the relations with the EU.

President Vladimir Putin called for improving Russia’s ties with the West to prevent a return to the Cold War, while keeping a hard line toward North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, which he accused of being completely “contemptuous” toward his nation.

He stressed that Russia’s ban on European Union foodstuffs and other retaliatory measures were imposed “in response” to the European Union sanctions.

“We don’t bear grudges and we are willing to meet our European partners halfway – this, however, must not be a one-way street”, he added.

At the time, Trudeau said: “I pointed out that although Canada has shifted its approach on a broad range of multilateral and global issues, we remain committed to the fact that Russia’s interference in Ukraine must cease”.

To maintain security in the world, a number of nations, including Russian Federation and the United States, have joined forces to help solve the crisis in Syria.

“Well, if they want to, let them put up with it”.

Putin warned that Syria’s breakup, if it happens, will contribute to destabilizing the entire region and the world, stressing that Russia’s main goal is for Syria to remain a unified country.

He said the USA were trying to prevent the European Union from restoring the connections with Russian Federation.

Western leaders and company executives went to Russia’s St. Petersburg Economic Forum this year after a two-year break that felt like a boycott, signaling a growing fatigue in some parts of Europe over the sanctions. A political process is the only way to reach peace, Putin said, stressing that Syrian President Bashar Assad “also agrees to such process”.

In June 2015, the EEU and India began free trade negotiations, signing a framework agreement at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg.

Putin reiterated criticism of what he said was the misguided role of the United States in Ukraine’s affairs and said he opposed what he cast as U.S. efforts to prevent Russian Federation repairing its relations with the European Union. Russian Federation did not impose sanctions first. Yes they have a problem, well there are some benefits in other sectors.