Project Scorpio: Why you should be excited about Xbox’s upcoming ‘monster’ console

Firstly, no-one bought a PS4 or Xbox One on the premise that the consoles would be continually updated, we all assumed the console generation would last for a reasonable amount of time and all games would be fully optimised to match a single hardware specification. Microsoft expects it to be available by 2017 but 6 TFLOps could be long outdated by then as AMD releases their Vega GPUs along with new NVIDIA video cards. This is for the fact that Microsoft instead focused on showcasing Xbox One S and the highly anticipated Project Scorpio.

After they failure with Nintendo, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates met with Sony to discuss a similar deal. There’s now no price for the console, but we can only assume that it will be significantly more expensive than the Xbox One’s $299 starting cost.

It’s not yet clear if all post-Scorpio Xbox One games will be able to run in 4K, or if it will be up to the developers to optimize their games as they see fit. Furthermore, this discrepancy in the TFLOP value suggests that Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Neo are set to be highly different when 4K gaming is concerned.

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Will Scorpio make my Xbox One obsolete?

The console war fell into a pretty predictable pattern over the past two years or so.


With its own VR solution – PlayStation VR – launching this October, Sony was keen to emphasise its point of difference to Microsoft: “We have a combination of the necessary processing and graphics power already built inside 40 million PS4s that have been sold worldwide”, said Sony’s Shawn Layden. If that all sounds like a second language to you, just know that all of these components are created to work together to provide true 4K gaming and high-fidelity virtual reality experiences. Even though Microsoft offered to handle the software and networking aspects of a new console and was happy to leave the hardware to Nintendo, Iwata-san wasn’t interested and turned them down. In any case, if you’re an Xbox die-hard and you’ve got a TV ready to highlight 4K and HDR content, it’s time to start setting aside cash for the August release, if you can’t wait till Scorpio’s release next year. Its effect on Sony’s new console, however, is mostly separate from its own problems. “Can we partner?” Ed said Gates asked.

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