Paris Dennard: Black Trump Suck-up Axed from CNN; Blames Race

*Trump enthusiast Paris Dennard says a political hit piece by The Washington Post triggered CNN to suspend him for no reason other than he is a Black supporter of the 45th president.

In a Breitbart piece published Monday, Dennard called his suspension “a political hit job.” The network put him on a timeout in August after a Washington Post story alleged he had sexually harassed women while working at Arizona State University in 2014.

Dennard was originally signed to a one-year contract in November 2017, which expired last month. A CNN spokesperson confirmed that “he is no longer with the network.”

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Dennard wrote in Breitbart that after Trump Tweeted support for him following a CNN segment with former CIA official Phil Mudd, it “set in motion a coordinated attempt by faceless adversaries to destroy me personally and professionally.”

“In an August CNN appearance, a former CIA official, with whom I had once worked in my former job, became highly upset with me while discussing President Donald Trump’s revocation of the security clearance of former intelligence officials,” Dennard recounts. “The segment went viral, even gaining the attention of President Trump, who tweeted about me, saying I had verbally ‘destroyed’ the official with my on-air points. That set in motion a coordinated attempt by faceless adversaries to destroy me personally and professionally.”

“Just watched former Intelligence Official Phillip Mudd become totally unglued and weird while debating wonderful [Paris Dennard] over [former CIA Director John] Brennan’s Security Clearance. Dennard destroyed him but Mudd is in no mental condition to have such a Clearance. Should be REVOKED?” asked the president to his more than 56 million followers.

“CNN’s own ‘investigation’ could not substantiate the Post‘s claims,” according to Dennard. “But what was even more egregious than the Post‘s behavior was CNN’s blatantly disparate treatment of their only paid black, Republican, Trump-supporting political commentator — compared to a host of others who have never been immediately suspended and denied an opportunity to be booked on their network.”

And by “host of others” he’s referring to CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill who many critics accused of making anti-Semitic comments during a speech at the United Nations.

Dennard concluded in his Breitbart piece by stressing, “I will not be silenced, no matter what CNN, the Washington Post, or any other by fake news story tries to imply through their own prejudiced actions.”