No to Brexit: Calls for second referendum crash House of Commons website

Brexit, United Kingdom referendum, European Union referendum, Brexit polls, EU vote, London Stays, House of Commons, 2nd referendum, UK website, latest News, World News The petition passed the 200,000 mark on Friday evening. (AP Photo)

So many users are signing a petition for a re-run of Britain’s referendum on European Union membership that they’ve crashed the House of Commons website hosting the document.

The petition passed the 200,000 mark on Friday evening, with a map of the voting indicating that most activity was in London – where most boroughs backed the “remain” camp in the referendum.


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The House of Commons said it had seen  “high volumes of simultaneous users on a single petition, significantly higher than on any previous occasion.”

A second referendum isn’t in the cards for now, but experts say it isn’t out of the question if those who back a British exit begin suffering from buyer’s remorse.

The Leave campaign won 52 per cent to 48 per cent after it tapped into a wave of anger and resentment in the face of fears it had stoked: deluge of immigrants, rising crime and terrorism, jobs being taken away.

After the historic Brexit referendum, Great Britain stands vertically divided. England and Wales rejected the European Union, while Scotland and Northern Ireland decided to remain in it.