No-frills travel trailer camps 2 for $7K

We’ve been on an affordable camper streak this week at Curbed, highlighting lightweight, budget camper trailers and a conversion camper that gets you van life for $35,000. Today’s focus is the Cargo Camper, a Texas-based company that’s building small, basic campers that get people outdoors on a budget. Love campers and trailers? Come join our new community group.

The aluminum clad trailers are simple in their design—essentially a box with customizable options depending on the needs of each owner. Cargo Camper insulates both the trailer walls and the ceiling, then installs all of the electrical wiring, vents, and windows. Birch veneer plywood cabinetry with stainless steel hinges provides room for storage, while cushions top the bench seats that convert into a two-person bed.

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The kitchen area—which is really just a place for your cooler, grill, and cooking supplies—is accessed from the rear. This is similar to many teardrop styles, but the boxy shape of the cargo trailer provides more room than many teardrops. There’s no bathroom in the trailer, but that’s likely not a problem for the Cargo Camper’s target customers; this type of camping is all about simple comforts, not luxuries, that make adventuring a bit easier.

There are two sizes available, a five foot by eight foot model and a five foot by ten foot model. Standard features include interior outlets with USB ports, LED interior and exterior lighting, two windows with bug screens, under bed storage, and a convertible dinette. Depending on customer needs, you can also add a solar package, awning, a refrigerator or cooler, a generator, a roof vent, and an air conditioning unit—all at an additional cost.

The smaller model starts at $6,750 (with a dry weight of 1,200 pounds) while the larger unit is priced at $7,000 (dry weight is 1,400 pounds). A five foot by ten foot Cargo Camper with all of the bells and whistles tops out at $14,000, making the Cargo Camper a well-priced option for anyone looking for a clean, simple, and affordable trailer. Interested? You can find more info, this way.