Lions’ Matthew Stafford Wanted a Victory Over Seahawks [Video]


The final week of a NFL for 2016, determines who gets a Wild Card and a shot during a playoffs. On Saturday, Jan. 7, Matthew Stafford and his group left Detroit and headed to Seattle, and took on a Seahawks wanting a much-needed victory. The Lions classification is unfortunate to get a Super Bowl title.

Stafford, who is 28 years old, is an all-time flitting leader and has 187 touchdowns (TD) in his career, 24 for a 2016 season. He entered a diversion with a 9-7 record, though a win was not in his evident future. Seattle rolled over a Lions 26-6 and finished Detroit’s season.

Mitch Albom, of a Detroit Press, called for a parsimonious diversion with a Seahawks circumference a Lions by a measure of 28-22. According to Albom Seattle’s quarterback’s legs are stronger than Stafford’s, that gives him an advantage. Fans wanted to see Stafford lead their group to a win but feared that all Detroit’s imperfections would be too apparent and would finish their season. Shawn Windsor, who is also of a Detroit Free Press, called for a tighten though unsatisfactory loss, citing Stafford has not nonetheless entirely grown a required skills to lead his group serve in a playoffs. The categorical reasons for being so asocial about a Lions win was;

  • The fact that Seattle has won their final 9 home playoff games.
  • Jim Caldwell has coached 33 games and has a win/loss record of 18-15.
  • Detroit’s consistent craziness gave the Seahawks a advantage.
  • Detroit was 0-5 this deteriorate opposite playoff teams going into Saturday night’s game.
  • They mislaid 3 in a quarrel by personification really badly this season.
  • Seattle is 7-1 on a deteriorate during home, and have not mislaid a playoff diversion in 11 years.
  • The Lions have not won a playoff diversion given 1992 when they dejected a Dallas Cowboys 38-6.

However, there are some things that did preference Detroit. According to Will Burchfield of CBS in Detroit, there are 5 good reasons because a Lions and Stafford could have pulled out a win.

  1. Seattle’s descent line is a lamest in a league. They gave adult over 40 sacks this season, that gave the Detroit struggling invulnerability a possibility during redemption.
  2. The detriment of Earl Thomas for a Seahawks has left a delegate wounded. Since his injury, they have given adult over 24 points per game. The Lions have utterly a few gifted receivers who could have acted a hazard to Seattle’s defense.
  3. Russel Wilson has been personification with possibly a knee or ankle twist given a third week. It has caused him to finish a unchanging deteriorate with usually underneath 260 yards, a lowest in his career. Healthy quarterbacks have given Detroit a problem all season, so this was a good pointer for a Lions.
  4. The Lions had a integrate of weapons on special teams. Sam Martin, Kicker, finished in second for a joining during 44 years per punt. Matt Prater is one of a many infallible kickers there is, even with some shotty games in a center of a season.
  5. Seattle’s using diversion was not a same, they are now ranked during No. 25 in a NFL, and their invulnerability is compromised with Thomas out for a season. The Seahawks past opening record and their opening this deteriorate is opposite as a Lions Defensive tackle explained because he felt assured that their defensive diversion devise should have constructed a win.

Stafford’s talents are not being doubtful by sports writers, however, they were usually doubt his turn of majority and if he has schooled adequate to lead his group to feat in a playoffs. His ability to make plays occur underneath a vigour of a Seahawk invulnerability is what many reporters were endangered with.

Opinion by Katherine Miller
Edited by Leigh Haugh

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