Johnny Depp was never violent towards me: Winona Ryder

The “Square Dance” singer Winona Ryder is repelled during a domestic assault allegations opposite her ex-fiance Johnny Depp, insisting he is a amatory man.

Depp’s disloyal mother Amber Heard filed to finish a couple’s 15-month matrimony in May and afterwards performed a proxy domestic assault confining sequence opposite Depp, accusing him of abusing her via their marriage.

The 44-year-old began dating a “Pirates of a Caribbean” star in 1989 and they became intent a following year.


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The integrate finished a rendezvous in 1993, though Ryder has zero though lustful memories of her time with Johnny, reported Huffington Post.

“I can usually pronounce from my possess experience, that was extravagantly opposite than what is being said. He was never, never that approach towards me. Never violent during all towards me. we usually know him as a unequivocally good, loving, caring man who is very, really protecting of a people that he loves,” she said.

The “Black Swan” star admits that she is astounded by Amber’s claims.

“I wasn’t there,” she continues.

“I don’t know what happened. I’m not job anyone a liar. I’m only saying, it’s formidable and upsetting for me to hang my conduct around it,” pronounced Ryder.