Internet Travel Solutions updates TripSecurity product

DALLAS – Internet Travel Solutions (ITS), a premier travel technology company, announces the upgrade of its software product TripSecurity. TripSecurity integrates duty of care with open booking to ensure safety and stewardship for business travelers around the globe. TripSecurity is the guard dog technology solution your company needs to achieve optimal security standards.

TripSecurity now includes open booking and alerts in its feature set. The software integrates information from traveler-forwarded itineraries as well as scanned emails from traveler inboxes to provide comprehensive duty of care. TripSecurity allows travel managers to search for travelers by name or city and pinpoint their locations. With TripSecurity, travel managers can send emergency text and email alerts and approve travel to high-risk destinations.

The smart technology is essential for travel managers to keep track of employees and ensure they are safe while on the road. According to International SOS, 72% of travelers feel travel risks increased in 2017, and 57% expect increased risk this year, proving safety concerns are a higher priority than ever.

“Thanks to TripSecurity, I can rest easy at night knowing my travelers are all accounted for,” said James C., Corporate Security Officer.

TripSecurity key product features enable travel managers to:

  • Search travelers by name or city
  • View state department advisories
  • Forward emails within the system  
  • Require travel approval by country
  • Integrate third party emergency providers
  • Email travelers from security system
  • View traveler map 24/7
  • Scan email inbox

With TripSecurity, customers will rest easy knowing their travelers are accounted for, accessible to travel managers and informed of potential risks.