Hopper headlines Giants damage woes

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AFL: GWS will suffer their bye subsequent week and they’ll do so sitting in a tip four. Having missed a week with a feet censure Steve Johnson was chomping during a bit in a initial term.

Jacob Hopper celebrates a goal. Picture: Michael Klein

GWS rising star Jacob Hopper has damaged down with a highlight detonate in his back, headlining a worrying list of damage concerns for GWS.

The potentially critical behind problem found some-more ordinarily in Australia’s Test quick bowlers than among a AFL girl has held a Giants rather by surprise, and Hopper will now be kept on ice for during slightest 6 weeks to assistance guarantee a 19-year-old’s long-term future.

The orange army are finals firm for a initial time this season, yet serve aptness setbacks for vice-captain Phil Davis (ankle) and Matt Buntine (hamstring) final weekend opposite Carlton has perpetuated a club’s ongoing emanate with gripping pivotal defenders on a park.

Davis and Buntine could both skip 3 weeks each, nonetheless that bad news is mitigated rather by a fact associate defensive players Caleb Marchbank and Tim Mohr could be behind from prolonged stints on a sidelines after this round’s bye.

However, a biggest regard is for energetic midfielder Hopper, who had put his name adult in lights as an superb claimant for this year’s AFL Rising Star endowment after holding a foe by charge given his entrance progressing in a season.

“Jacob had some annoy in his behind and due to a inlet of a emanate and his history, he underwent scans that suggested an deficient highlight injury,” pronounced David Joyce, conduct of jaunty opening during a Giants.

Jacob Hopper and Steve Johnson applaud a idea opposite Sydney. Picture: Phil Hillyard

Jacob Hopper and Steve Johnson applaud a idea opposite Sydney. Picture: Phil HillyardSource:News Corp Australia

“This is unsatisfactory news as Jacob has done a good start to his AFL career this deteriorate yet due to his age and a theatre of his career, we’ll be holding an aggressively discreet approach.

“We’re gratified that we held a emanate early and we are assured that with regressive government and rehabilitation, he’ll be behind personification football after in a season.”

Hopper has had a story of reduce behind complaints in his youth days and after this astonishing light up, a Giants will be gripping a closest of tabs on a academy star.

The teen who racked adult a record series of security on his AFL entrance opposite a Gold Coast progressing in a season, was left out of a side that took on Carlton with manager Leon Cameron intuiting his immature sire indispensable a mangle after 6 uninterrupted matches.

The behind had zero to do with his absence, after angry of tenderness Hopper was sent for a indicate that suggested something sinister.

Phil Davis gets a flog divided opposite Carlton. Picture: Phil Hillyard

Phil Davis gets a flog divided opposite Carlton. Picture: Phil HillyardSource:News Corp Australia

Davis’ ankle damage is a latest in a prolonged list of frustrating setbacks for a 25-year-old leader, who had usually only shook off a toe problem a prior week.

Buntine has also been in a wars of late yet with a bye this week – it’s probable a twin could skip as small as dual matches each.

The Giants are multiplying adult brazen and in a center of a field, yet injuries continue to strike in their defensive line.

Coach Cameron does have options though, with Adam Kennedy and Devon Smith both returning successfully in a NEAFL final week and Marchbank, Will Hoskin-Elliott and Mohr dire for returns.