Hope changing arithmetic will allow passing of GST Bill: Narendra Modi

Modi questions shifting of IPL matches after Maha drought row

Seeking to dismiss the Prime Minister’s claim that China had turned lukewarm towards India after his grand welcome in the USA, he said Rajiv Gandhi as PM had managed to maintain good relations with America, Russia and China at the same time. “Will it be with the elected government or other actors?”

“He keeps meeting the Pakistan Prime Minister… invited him to swearing-in, met him in Ufa and even went to Lahore…”

Mr. Modi said the people must not forget the nation’s strength lay in its democracy and in each and every one of its citizens. Modi has also spoken about the recent NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) debacle and India joining the MCTR (Missile Control Technology Regime) club.

Modi had said that “We have an ongoing dialogue with China and it should continue to happen. It has been my endeavour always to take the country forward through people’s participation”, he said. When asked about China’s opposition to India’s membership to the body, and dialogue between the two countries, Modi said, “I can say that China has been cooperating with India”. I appeal to my countrymen to get free from this, he said.

Azad said the Congress would have been happier if the prime minister had held a press conference as journalists could have asked him questions, Azad said referring to his interview to a TV channel. “Don’t make them heroes, they will stop”, he added. I do not consider small countries insignificant.

Calling on the Centre to muster courage and make Pakistan accountable for all they have done, Mr Sinha said that there was absolutely no reason for India to be afraid. “Many political leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan were thrown in jail”, he said. It is accepting the loss caused to India by terrorism, the loss caused to humanity by terrorism. If we remain an obstacle then we will have to convince the world that we are not like this. “Such an approach of the Prime Minister encourages people like Sakshi Maharaj, Yogi Adityanath and others”, Anwar said.

He was replying to a question on the Opposition allegations that the Modi government was on a witch-hunt. And the world is seeing that Pakistan is finding it hard to respond. “Humour is fading away from public life”.

On the stalled GST bill, Modi said the Congress has made it a prestige issue but expressed confidence that the evolving arithmetic in Rajya Sabha would ensure that the legislation would be passed soon.

“Now the kind of arithmetic which is working out, I hope that this decision is passed in favour of the poor.GST is beneficial for the poor people of the states represented by them, because those states will economically benefit the most from GST”, he said. Elections should just be a bi-product.