Greg’s Bagels closed by Baltimore health department

Greg’s Bagels, a popular eatery in Belvedere Square, has been shut down by order of the city health department.

The eatery was closed after a Dec. 5 inspection found violations of several health department regulations. Those included food items not being stored or displayed under proper conditions, frozen food being thawed in hot standing water, knives being kept in standing water, mice droppings on shelves, a refrigerator not maintaining proper temperature and employees not washing their hands properly, according to a copy of the report filed by an inspector.

The inspection, which was performed in reaction to a customer complaint, also revealed that the restaurant’s food license had expired last April 27, according to the report.

Before the restaurant can reopen, an inspector will have to verify that the violations noted in the report have been addressed. The report also says that the owner or a properly designated representative will have to attend a conference with health department officials.