Greater Technology, Great Humanity: Social Good Summit 2018

Technology has enabled us to connect with people from across the globe. and remind us that we are not alone in our quest to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Platforms like Facebook have made it so that people can build communities around common ideologies and shared life experiences, showing us that we’re not alone. Corporations like UBS are making it easier than ever for their client networks to invest in social impact initiatives. Brands like Pfizer are using drones, mobile, and other health innovations to deliver medical care to hard-to-reach regions. And consumer goods, like Intelligentsia (which kept Summit attendees caffeinated all day long), are incorporating ethical practices such as direct trade and sustainable farming.

In ensuring that a world with greater technology is also a world of greater humanity, it’s up to us — as individuals, innovators and businesses –t o make sure that humanity is at the forefront. With the world at our fingertips, we the people, with the help of technology are what will create the world we wish to see in the year 2030.

Watch the #2030NOW conversations in full on YouTube.