Google Prompt streamlines two-step verification

Several technology giants including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook among others advise two-step verification for additional security of user accounts.

The prompt option has been unveiled for both Android and iOS users, however, the iOS users will need to install the Google Search app in their phones.

Google offers numerous ways to implement this two-step verification-you can have a text sent to your phone, or have an automated voice service call your phone and provide a code, or even use the Google Authenticator app to generate these codes.

Google Prompt provides a quick way for users to access their accounts using Google’s 2-Step Verification system. Google says that the new feature is being rolled out gradually and may “potentially take longer than 3 days for feature visibility”. Google also said that in order to use this feature users of the devices only have to approve the Google prompt for using and completing the two step verification process and have to sign in at the time of pop up appears on their devices. The earlier options like confirmation mail, confirmation SMS, and security key will still be there. 2-Step Verification. Scroll down and you will see a Google Prompt section-click it and follow the instructions to enrol your smartphone. Users won’t have to keep on typing a new OTP every time they sign-in via Google on a new desktop or mobile device.


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Google two-step verification setup