Game Of Thrones Season 6 Finale – What Questions We Hope Are Answered


Tonight is the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, and after an action packed season fans still have a lot of questions they are hoping get answered in the finale before they have to wait another year for new episodes. While some questions are sure to get answered, there will be some we’ll have to wait to find out until next year. Here are the ones we’re hoping they answer.

Last year ended with Jon Snow’s death, and here we are a year later wanting to know more about him still. Who are his parents? It’s a question that’s long been asked, and one we probably won’t get an answer to by the end of the season. Bran’s visions at the start of the season seemed to be heading in that direction and then, well, he had to run after the White Walkers attacked. While we are sure the question will be answered, we aren’t really expecting them to fully answer it by the end of the season.

Speaking of Bran, what we really want to know is how powerful is he. He was told by the Three-Eyed Crow that he can’t affect the past, but after what happened to Hodor it is pretty obvious that he can. There are a lot of theories out there about Bran’s abilities, and some are wondering if he might have caused the entire war of the thrones in the first place. Again, we probably won’t find out the answer to this question until a later season, but we’re dying to know.

Where is Ayra heading? Last we saw her, she turned her back on Jaqen and said she was heading home. After Jon Snow and Tyrion, Ayra is probably the most popular character on the series, and fans want to know what is is store for the young assassin. She has been on a different path than her siblings from the very beginning, and not at all concerned about the game of thrones and obtaining power. But where does that leave her?

One question that is sure to be answered by the end of the finale is Cersei’s fate. She’s facing her trial with the High Sparrow, and was recently told that she won’t be able to chose trial by combat as an option. Cersei has made it clear that she would chose violence if forced to stand trial, but will be the mountain be enough to keep her from facing it?  With Jamie away, Cersei really must stand alone. And to make things worse for her, her son the King has seemingly turned against her, and she’s afraid that the prophecy of all her children dying will come true.

What deal did Sansa make with Littlefinger in order to get him to come to her rescue? Littlefinger has always been clear in what he wants, and he forced Sansa into a corner to get it. But is what he wants what she offered? Sansa has shown throughout the last couple of seasons that she’s not to be messed with, and Littlefinger might just have gotten more than he bargained for.

And still with Sansa, are those rumours of her pregnancy true? It certainly would be a dark twist if she is pregnant with Ramsey’s child. Especially after she fed him to his own dogs at the end of the last episode.

And finally, will Daenerys set sail for Westeros? It sure looks like she will. We can envision a final scene with the ships setting sail, and her at the helm looking out across the great expanse. She has to head back at some point doesn’t she?

We look forward to seeing what will be answered and what won’t be, but we aren’t looking forward to waiting another year for a new season. Thankfully the finale this year is the longest episode they’ve ever made.