Four-Time NBA Champ John Salley Partners with Plant-based Pesticide Company

*Four-time NBA Champion John Salley, has joined the PureCrop1 team in an undisclosed equity position and business development program, according to a press release. In his capacity, “Salley will utilize, promote and share the PureCrop1 story as the brand continues to rise to the top of the healthy Agriculture industry.”

“I have successfully invested in several early-stage companies and feel PureCrop1 is a game changer, valuable to all sizes of Agriculture and can also be utilized by many companies I work with,” Salley said in a statement.

According to the website, PureCrop1 “Eliminates the use of antiquated toxic pesticides, insecticides, fungicides or microbe bacteria products.” 

“It’s all about clean Agriculture, and elimination of toxic products sprayed on our fruits, vegetables, plants and of course the exploding cannabis industry, said Sally. From my vantage point, PureCrop1 is an elite natural product, and is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in all forms of Agriculture.”

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According to PureCrop1, its nontoxic pesticide “has proven to be an extremely valuable and effective formula that maximizes the plant or crop immune system.”

“I am really happy and excited to have John part of our team,” explained Ray Drysdale, Founder of PureCrop1. “John is well known, an intelligent successful business professional, and active in a healthy lifestyle. John reached out to me very early on a Saturday morning, and I was surprised on how much insight he had on our company. He will be a great fit for our business as not only will he be a spokesperson for PureCrop1, he will also use the product for his own Agriculture business investments and personal use.”

Sally, a vegan activist who travels around the world sharing how to eat and live healthy, previously took an ownership position in GreenSpace Labs, a biotech company that services cannabis patients and growers, LiveKindly reports. 

“I got involved with GreenSpace because I believe in the importance of clean cannabis, same as I believe in the importance of clean food,” Salley told Benzinga last March. “I always saw on movies that every drug was tested for purity. So why not test cannabis?”

Earlier this year, the former baller and his daughter, Tyla Salley, launched the premium cannabis brand Deuces22, named after his NBA number.

“There are a lot of cannabis brands all over the industry now, popping up and shutting down. But I wanted to make sure our brand was organic and, at the same time, luxury,” Tyla said. “I wanted people to know they can trust us, that we are not going to give them anything that can hurt them, but also that all the cannabis we provide is top shelf in every aspect, every time – and maintain this consistency over time.”

They hope to make Deuces22 available in CVS and Walgreens pharmacies.