Florida Board of Health suspends or restricts 39 licenses, including 11 in Tampa Bay area

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11 Providers are from Tampa Bay Area

The Florida Department of Health has issued 39 Emergency Suspension Orders and Emergency Restriction Orders for serious violations, including the commission of crimes, violations of standards of care, drug use, impairment, drug diversion, sexual misconduct and defaulting on a student loan. Eleven are from the Tampa Bay region.

Is your healthcare provider on the list?

  • Juanita Armstrong, Licensed Practical Nurse, Jacksonville
  • Andrew Basile, Osteopathic Physician, Pompano Beach
  • Gazelle G. Baumgard, Licensed Massage Therapist, Bradenton
  • Jessica A. Brave, Certified Nursing Assistant, St. Petersburg, Gulfport, Seminole Largo
  • Kelly L. Burger, Certified Nursing Assistant, Citra
  • William K. Cooper, Osteopathic Physician, Oldsmar
  • Marco Davila, Licensed Massage Therapist, Miami
  • Annie Ruth Davis, Registered Nurse, Ebro St. Petersburg
  • Cierra Antonia Davis, Certified Nursing Assistant, Lamont
  • Alexander Evans, Registered Pharmacy Technician, Fort Myers
  • Paula K. Fischer, Registered Nurse, Howey in the Hills Saint Cloud
  • Jessica L. Frazier, Registered Nurse, Orlando
  • Kristen Brooke Harrison, Registered Nurse, Fort Myers
  • Alison Ann Healy, Registered Pharmacy Technician, West Palm Beach
  • Latasha N. Lewis Henry, Certified Nursing Assistant, Jacksonville
  • Jacqueline Antoinette Hillard, Licensed Massage Therapist, Palm Coast Vero Beach
  • Ryan James St. Pierre, EMT, Confidential address pursuant to Section 119.071(4)(d)2.q
  • Kelly Jones, Registered Nurse, Jacksonville
  • Katherine Darlene Judah, Licensed Practical Nurse, Milton
  • Dimitrice Saint Juste, Certified Nursing Assistant, Tampa
  • Heather C. Karneol, Licensed Massage Therapist, Apopka Buford GA
  • Joani Crystal Lumpkin a.k.a. Joani Crystal Ricardez, Certified Nursing Assistant, Lake Wales, Davenport, Lakeland Haines City
  • Vanessa Claire Martinez, Chiropractic Physician, Orlando
  • Jessica Leah McCloskey, Registered Nurse, New Port Richey
  • Charlene Montgomery, Registered Nurse, Miami
  • William Michael Murray, Licensed Practical Nurse, Orlando
  • Marie Y. Norbrun, Certified Nursing Assistant, Miami
  • Rosa Adilia Pfaff, Certified Chiropractic Physician Assistant, Lakeland
  • Lorrie Pickett, Certified Nursing Assistant, Callahan
  • Photina A. Poinsette, Certified Nursing Assistant, Largo
  • Valerie S. Rose, Licensed Practical Nurse, Umatilla
  • Marilyn D. Rushing, Certified Nursing Assistant, Tampa
  • Nicole Christine Schuknecht, Licensed Practical Nurse, Jacksonville
  • Brittany Stern, Certified Nursing Assistant, Jacksonville
  • Denise Thorman, Certified Nursing Assistant, Lakeland
  • Brandi Walters, Registered Pharmacy Technician, Bradenton

Here’s a list of the disciplinary actions against Tampa Bay area providers:

  • Gazelle Baumgard, Licensed Massage Therapist, allegedly defaulted on a student loan and failed to answer multiple board requests.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant Jessica Brave pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana, a third-degree felony.
  • Annie Ruth Davis, Registered nurse, was observed by staff choking a dementia patient at a nursing center.
  • William K. Cooper, Osteopathic physician, defaulted on student loan and failed to provide proof of payment.
  • Dimitrice Saint Juste, Certified Nursing Assistant, defaulted on student loan and failed to provide proof of payment.
  • Joani Crystal Lumpkin, Certified Nursing Assistant, pleaded guilty to possession of Methamphetamine, a third degree felony.
  • Jessica McCloskey, Registered Nurse, tested positive for controlled substances multiple times while under care of recovery plan.
  • Rosa Pfaff, Certified Chiropractic Assistant, defaulted on student loan and failed to provide proof of payment.
  • Photina Poinsette, Certified Nursing Assistant, defaulted on student loan and failed to provide proof of payment.
  • Marilyn Rushing, Certified Nursing Assistant, defaulted on student loan and failed to provide proof of payment.
  • Denise Thorman, Certified Nursing Assistant, defaulted on student loan and failed to provide proof of payment.
  • Brandi Waters, Registered Pharmacy Technician, no record available.

ESO/EROs are not considered final agency action. The individual is entitled to a hearing before final action is taken by a regulatory board or by the department.

To view the most recent ESOs, EROs, Final Orders and Administrative Complaints, click here.

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