Dylann Roof Diary Exposes a Criminal Mind


The initial open difference of a extremist torpedo behind Jun 17, 2015, African Methodist Episcopal Church shooting, in Charleston, S.C. has finally spoken. ‘I do not bewail what we did. we am not sorry’. This scary matter came right out of a 42-page jailhouse diary of convicted murderer, Dylann Roof.

On Thursday, Jan 5, 2017, a difference of a rapist mind were review out shrill to jurors. They sat by hours of conference Roof’s extensively thoughts before determining his sentence.

Insane or Racist?

Does this diary display a rapist mind? Some contend it is debatable. Experts are not certain if a diary indeed reveals a mind of a sociopath. In a past, there have been few disclosures about a thoughts and exploits of a male who gunned downed an African-American church, until now. In court, an mention of a frightening acknowledgment was quoted by DA’s in their opening statement:

“I would like to make it transparent clear. we don’t bewail what we did,” Roof transcribes. “I’m not regretful. we have not strew one rip for a trusting people we slaughtered.”

Officials uncovered a diary while a searching his cell, Quotes were review audibly by a Charleston County Sheriff’s investigator for jury members. Loved ones and friends of a 9 electrocute victims were also present.

Not many sum were unclosed per his psychological state before he committed a murders. Nevertheless, mass media reports have been debating given a incident, possibly a 22-year-old is insane or usually a extremist with a gun. Some unconfirmed reports have pronounced that he might have used psychoactive drugs that are associated to flare-ups of assault in people.

Sociopath or Not?

To fit Roof in a sociopath category, he would have to be a chairman inspired for power. He craved hatred and white supremacy. As psychologists explain, sociopaths do not feel shame or remorse. Roof states he felt no bewail about murdering his victims. The diary says that he usually felt contemptible for himself.

The biography voiced his sentiments about giving adult his leisure to validate white supremacy. He wrote page after page explaining that he hoped to be vindicated if he were condemned to life in prison. He even wrote that he suspicion Adolf Hitler would finally be saved as one of God’s selected people.

Psychologists explain that sociopaths are not naturally evil, and some are intensely useful members of society. However, eyewitnesses pronounced Roof was a threat to a open and an zealous extremist who targeted blacks, Jews, and Hispanics on his website.

Over dual dozen interviews and justice papers displayed his early childhood as hapless and troubled. He was lifted in a hilly and inconstant home among claims of marital indignity and adultery. With that said, those contribution could conclude a function of a rebel adolescent. Then again, according to a psychologist, it does not indispensably make Roof a sociopath.

The Dilemma of a Criminal Mind

In court, Roofstubbornly insisted on being fortifying himself counsel via a sentencing theatre of a trial. He took things a step serve by perfectionist that any thought of his mental instability would be discarded. Roof told a decider and jury members in his opening matter that he does not have any psychological issues.

There are others that disagree. Some move adult a indicate that when military searched Roof’s car after his confinement that birthday cards from his relatives were discovered, along with self-murder notes, created to his mom and father. The letters had passages that seemed to etch genocide as unquestionable.

Psychologists state that if Roof were a sociopath, he would not be articulate about self-murder since he is pang from frightful pain. Their indicate is that possibly he is fibbing about formulation self-murder and usually seeking to make people feel guilty. Conversely, Roof could have been frank and could still dedicate self-murder during some indicate to annoy whoever he wants to hurt.

In a end, to some, it is tough to contend rather or not Roof’s diary exposes a immature male with a rapist mind or only a extremist with a firearm. Nonetheless, a outcome stays unknown.

By Jomo Merritt
Edited by Cathy Milne


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