Downtown Paducah business owners frustrated by construction mess

PADUCAH – Several business owners say this has got to go. It’s in downtown Paducah. The fence and the dumpster are part of a construction site for condo renovations with Centurion Development.

Three business owners on that block say it’s dangerous and making them look bad. One businessman was told in an email from the city that something would be done by Wednesday, but he says there’s been no action to clean it up.

“It doesn’t look like construction. It looks like an abandoned building with trash all over it,” said Joaquin Hilton. He owns The Paducah Cigar Company. He’s become neighbors with the construction site.

“It’s blocking the sidewalk. It hurts the parking. There’s a dumpster there, and everyone is dumping trash in there. The dumpsters are not getting emptied, so you have rotting food,” Hilton said.

Two other businesses on the block said they want the mess moved.

Hilton emailed Paducah Main Street Director Katie Axt because he believed Centurion Development’s permits were expired.

Axt told me Centurion Development is up to date on their permits, but there is a closed sidewalk sign that has the date from March to May 2018. Eight months later, the sidewalk is still closed.

City of Paducah spokeswoman Pam Spencer says the developer can keep the sidewalk closed as long as they are working on the building, but Hilton says he hasn’t seen anyone here in months.

“We’ve been working with the developer. They’ve said they are going to do it,” Axt said. “We’ve also been working with the Fire Prevention Department to see what next steps we can take if the developer is not timely in removing it on their own.”

Hilton was told that it would only be two weeks. That was more than two weeks ago. He wants to know when it’s going to get cleaned up. “People come down and see trash. They see buildings falling on themselves. Who wants to come to downtown when they see that?” he said.

Jason Coalter with Centurion Development said they haven’t been working on that property recently because of engineering issues that have caused some setbacks for the project. He said they are starting construction back up in the next three months.

Coalter said they will take care of opening the sidewalk, removing the dumpster, and taking down the fence “hopefully by the end of next week.” That’s despite the city saying it would be taken care of today.

Centurion Development said the condos will be finished sometime this year.

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