Decoding the Recent Travel Schedules of Democrats With Designs on 2020

It was not just Tuesday’s candidates who were in an all-out sprint in the final days before the midterm elections. The Democrats likely to emerge as presidential candidates in the coming months were, as well, campaigning everywhere from Manchester to San Diego. And if past is prologue, a close look at their itineraries should provide some preliminary hints about their priorities and what could come next for them, after this week’s dust clears.

I dug into the schedules of the six best-known potential contenders who were particularly active campaigners over the past three weeks — October 15 through November 5 — to look for signs regarding 2018 tactics and, maybe, potential 2020 plans. There was ample material: collectively, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Michael Bloomberg made 45 visits to states that weren’t their own, largely on behalf of current candidates. As a result, we got some clear indications of which races they found most important, which kinds of voters some of them anticipate chasing before long, and what they may be trying to prove before they themselves run.