Consumers want Congress to act on health care concerns

As the dust from the elections settles, it’s apparent that Americans had health care on their minds when they marked their ballots. A recent survey from Ipsos and Consumers for Quality Care found that health care was one of the top two issues that informed Washingtonians’ vote, and that Democrats and Republicans agree on the subject more than you’d think. Consumers are frustrated with our health care system and the consensus is clear: They are tired of partisan politics on health care, want a more patient-centered approach than what is currently being discussed, and think improving health care should be a major priority for elected officials.

The Ipsos/CQC survey also found that nearly 50 percent of Washingtonians say they struggle with predicting how much they will have to pay for health care when they need it and they want more clarity and transparency about their out-of-pocket costs at hospitals (76 percent) and what health care providers and medicines are covered under their insurance (76 percent).

As the Evergreen State’s re-elected and newly-elected Members of Congress head to Washington, I urge them to show voters that they heard their concerns and act swiftly to address them.

Dr. Donna Christensen

Consumers for Quality Care board member

Catharpin, Virginia