Blizzard Reveals More Details on Overwatch Competitive Mode

In a developer update video, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan spoke about the new Competitive Play meant to launch later this month.

Blizzard Entertainment developer Overwatch is a fan favorite multiplayer battle arena which is going to get a cool competitive mode. Each season will run for roughly two and a half months, with a short break between seasons.

Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode, the skill-based league, has been in development for a quite a while now.

Kaplan reveals that before June is out they want to roll out the competitive play update. The seasons will be based on the seasons of the year, with the first one at launch being Summer. There will also be a customized “Golden Gun” system, and the example offered was Reinhardt’s Golden Hammer. Blizzard wanted to minimise this number.

Skill Tiers from the beta are going to be removed and replaced with a new matchmaking rating system or MMR.

Those looking forward to Overwatch’s competitive play game mode now have a whole new reason to be excited as Blizzard announce that the stronger players could be wielding special golden weaponry to show off their skill in-game.

In terms of balance, the rating system will take into account who you go up against, so if you’re matched up against a higher skilled team then you’ll be rewarded more for in-game performance. You can lose ranks within a tier, but you can never drop down to a lower tier in any given season.

“We’ve changed the format in Assault to make those maps last longer and have more of a chance of back-and-forth between the teams”, said Kaplan, and promised more detail in the future. The director stated that rewards are a controversial topic in competitive gaming, with anything that involves power-gain making the game imbalanced. It happens anywhere from 35 to 50 percent of the time, which Blizzard felt was a bit too high.


There are plans to reduce the amount of overtime and sudden death occurrences in ranked play.

How Overwatch's Competitive Mode Will Work