Avengers 4: The Marvel movie wraps up filming

avengers 4 wrappedavengers 4 wrapped Avengers 4 releases on May 3, 2019.

Avengers 4 has finished production, the Russo Brothers confirmed. The film was undergoing reshoots and at least a little additional photography (perhaps only the ending) for the last few weeks. The majority of the film, however, was shot alongside Avengers: Infinity War.

The Russo Brothers posted a mysterious image and captioned it, “#wrapped.” The Russos have been teasing the title of the fourth Avengers film with cryptic images. We still do not know what the title is. The image shows a white-and-blue object, and one can assume that it could be tesseract. The Tesseract was an ancient artifact that housed the space stone. It was the MacGuffin of The Avengers and played a major role until Avengers: Infinity War, in which Thanos crushed it to take out the stone.

If the image does indeed show the Tesseract, then perhaps the directors are hinting at time-travel? Since Infinity War decimated many superheroes like Spider-Man, and Black Panther as well, speculations say it would be time-travel that would bring them back. Many set photos have shown original Avengers clad in their costumes from 2012’s The Avengers and the battle in New York. Perhaps that’s how the tesseract comes into play?

The means of time-travel are less clear. Thanos presumably still possesses the time stone, and the only person who could wield it — Doctor Strange — is dead. The quantum realm from Ant-Man movies would factor in somehow. Captain Marvel’s (eventual) arrival may also be the solution. Brie Larson’s superhero will get her standalone film in March next year. She was contacted as the last resort by Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury in the post-credit scene of Infinity War, and maybe it would be her knowledge of the universe (she has been engaged in interstellar travel since the 1990s) that would undo the damage Thanos inflicted.

Avengers 4 releases on May 3, 2019.

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