A designer reinvents modern technology as vintage objects, and the results will make you nostalgic

  • Thomas Ollivier has been a freelance art director for over 10 years.
  • His most recent project, “Re:Birth,” transforms modern tech into pure ’80s nostalgia.
  • His unique work has allowed him to collaborate with many big companies, like Nespresso and Netflix.

The world was a very different place pre-internet. In fact, it was much harder.

But there’s a sense of nostalgia we just can’t shake from that era: and graphic designer Thomas Ollivier perfectly mixes that nostalgia with modern-day technology.

His latest project, “Re:Birth,” takes you back in time to see what your favorite apps and technologies might look like transformed into objects from the ’80s.

His work has garnered thousands of Instagram followers, and allowed him to work with huge brands like Nespresso and Netflix. Keep scrolling to see why.