112 million people expected to travel over next 10 days

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – Millions of Americans are traveling to spend the holidays with their loved ones, even if it’s only for a few precious hours.

AAA said they expect 112 million people to travel over the next 10 days.

Eyewitness News reporter David McKay spoke with a few travelers about their holiday plans.

“It’s great. We’re coming back from New York City where my parents are staying. We had fun, we went to a concert and now we’re in the car,” Maddie Bialek said.

To stay on track, Grandma helped keep the Bialek family on the right track home.

“I’ve been the driver, my Mom has been sitting next to me and trying to help me not miss turns,” Raloon Bialek said.

Meanwhile, the Bialek kids were in the backseat going over their wish list and trying to keep themselves busy.

“I’m into magic and that’s pretty much my wish list,” Soren Bialek said.

Different people, but the same idea. The Harte’s were headed to Massachusetts to visit their beloved grand kids.

“I have a grandchild and as soon as she see’s me, she’s three and a half, she says she wants to play horsey,” Michael Harte said. “So I’m going to be on all fours in the living room and she’s going to be riding around on my back. Until our son says stop it that’s enough.”

With lower than normal gas prices making it cheaper to visit loved ones, more Americans are traveling during the Holidays.

“Traveling is fine, no problem, just be careful driving,” Harte said.